While taking a look at her house

Building a home is a lifetime dream, isn&PVC Layflat Hose LD39;t it? But do we really pay heed to all the minute details required for building it up? The answer is no! Today let me share with you a recent incident. My friend bought a flat last week and asked me to accompany her to the new place. While taking a look at her house, all she would talk about was, which color shade will look the best on the wall?, what kind of interiors should be bought? When I questioned her, “What type of wiring have you chosen?”, she was totally blank!

It was time for me to step in. We had a detailed discussion with the electrician and asked for the correct size and type of wiring to be used. The electrician guided us to get wire nuts and an MCB installed to reduce the risk of fire or shock. He got the wiring covered to avoid getting damaged by a dry wall or wall covering fasteners like nails or screws. He also made sure that the walls were clear of any wiring while getting whole drilled as the wiring may get damaged.

After helping out my friend, I knew I had to discuss this with you. Well, did you all know that wiring is a very important constituent for building homes? We all use electronics that are completely dependent on wiring systems like air conditioners, television sets and kitchen appliances to name a # few. If the wiring of your house is not proper or has become old, you have an accident waiting to happen. Like a house provides safety to you and your family, wires add safety and longevity to your electrical appliances. Here are some essentialwiring tipsyou might want to keep in mind while building your house:

1. Your electrician is the most important person. He should be consulted at an early stage in the construction process to approve and supervise wiring. At the same time one should not be totally dependent on them and have thorough knowledge about what wiring is being used and why?

2. Create a detailed map of your house wiring, you will make repairs and added extras far easier at a later date.

3. It is important to have a central point in which all your wires run from. The most appropriate place would be next to your other electrical furnishings like the fuse box.

4. The color coding of your wires and tubing can add to the ease of wiring your house. If you keep a check of what all the colors correspond to you will always know exactly what has been installed.

5. You must also ensure that you install basic sockets into each room like a plug and a phone socket. By doing this you are ensuring that you will not need to return to the wiring process again.

Although it may seem like a lot of extra work to begin with, it is all very time saving in the long run. FR Cables offer a variety of wires and cables for your need.

For instance,fireproof cables ZHLS(Zero Halogen Low Smoke) wires are apt for being used for building new homes. Everyday thousands of hazardous Halogen gases are released in the atmosphere leading to the greenhouse effect. FR Cables wires contain practically 0% halogen with a very high oxygen index. These wires give your house superior protection against fire as they do not catch fire easily. They do not release hazardous gases which make them extremely eco-friendly. These wires make your house and the environment a safe place to live in.

So the next time you plan to make your dream home, I hope you will put a conscious effort to get your own wire!

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